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Hair Transplant Cost

At Hair Transplants of Orlando, we believe you shouldn’t have to “Break the Bank” in order to get your hair back. It’s hard enough you’ve been losing your hair and now you have to sift through confusing pricing strategies in the hair transplant industry.

Some clinics charge by the area being transplanted while others even charge by the hair. Our organization charges by the graft, which can be either a one hair, two hair, three hair or four hair unit. WE NEVER OVER-SPLIT GRAFTS, since this can cause damage to its biological make up. Therefore, as we harvest them, we transplant them!

The cost of a hair transplantation procedure varies depending on several factors. Straight hair vs. thin hair…thick hair vs. thin hair…light hair vs. dark hair…scalp and hair color contrast and how much donor can be harvested per session..all play a major role in the overall cost. Therefore a patient with frontal hair loss with thin, dark and straight hair with a light scalp will need more grafts to fill than a patient with the same area loss that has thick, curly, dark hair with a dark scalp. The more grafts a patient needs, the less we charge per graft in order to help the patient with his/her overall investment.

On average, our procedures cost from $3,000 to $9,000, depending on the number of grafts our patients may need. With our financing options, you’re able to afford having your hair procedure NOW and make affordable payments while watching your hair grow back. No need to wait and save up the full amount, which can be challenging to do and take a long period of time.

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Do not overpay for an FUE procedure! Doctors that are purchasing highly marketed FUE equipment have to pay a $1 royalty fee back to the manufacturers for each graft harvest attempt. Do you know who ends up paying for this? THE PATIENT! There are several efficient/advanced FUE tools available in the industry that don’t require any royalty fees to be paid back to manufacturers. The difference stays in your pocket!!