How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

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How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair Transplants of Orlando strongly recommends you take your time and do enough research in order to make an informed decision. The following questions will help you obtain important information needed to help you know how to choose the right hair transplant surgeon:

  1. Is the doctor you’re considering a hair transplant specialist?
    How many years has the doctor performed hair transplant procedures? How many procedures have they personally performed (not the organization they work for)? There are many doctors entering the hair transplant industry just to increase their revenue but don’t specialize in hair restoration.Some even allow their medical assistants to perform the entire procedure, from beginning to end, while the doctor is performing another type of surgery.

  2. Is the doctor board certified?
    A doctor that, in addition to being licensed, is board certified confirms that they have taken additional medical education in order to deliver superior results. It definitely reflects an extra qualification held by the doctor being considered. And the best certification of all is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon.

  3. Is the doctor a general surgeon?
    In order to perform hair transplant surgery, the State of Florida only requires a doctor have a medical license. However, a specialization license is not required for hair transplant surgery, therefore, any type of licensed doctor, from a dermatologist to a foot doctor, can, by law, perform hair transplant surgery. Although a doctor may obtain a certain level of training in hair restoration, having general surgery schooling and training definitely allows them to stand out amongst the rest.

  4. Is the doctor affiliated with The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)?
    Make sure the doctor is not only a member, but has also attended regularly to   ISHRS conferences in order to keep up with hair restoration methods. Some doctors become member just so they can place the ISHRS logo on their website   in order to impress prospective patients but never or hardly attend conferences.

  5. Is the person harvesting the grafts and making the sites where the grafts will be placed a licensed medical doctor?
    Florida State law requires a medical licensed doctor to cut into a patient’s skin. As crazy as it may sound, there are clinics that allow physician’s assistants or technicians to perform these duties. Although these staff members play a crucial role in a hair transplant procedure by separating and implanting grafts, only a medically licensed doctor should be harvesting or creating the sites where the grafts are to be placed.

  6. Is the doctor’s medical team exclusively dedicated to hair restoration?
    Those doctors that perform a plethora of services use the same medical team for different types of surgery. The medical team, along with the doctor, should specialize in hair restoration exclusively.

  7. How many procedures does the doctor perform at a time?
    National companies tend to perform 3-4 surgeries at a time in order to maximize their profits and help cover their huge overhead costs.Since patients invest their hard earned money, they should receive full-time attention during their procedure.

  8. If you’re considering the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, does the doctor use highly marketed FUE equipment that requires they pay royalties to these companies?
    There are several highly efficient FUE tools available in the industry. It’s not necessary to choose a doctor that pays equipment companies a royalty fee of $1/graft per harvest attempt. Who pays for this? The patient does! Choose a doctor who has the latest FUE equipment, with no strings attached to manufacturers, and keep the extra money in your pocket!

  9. How many before/after pictures does the doctor have available for you to review?
    If they don’t have many pictures to show you, it means they don’t have much experience nor specialize in hair restoration. Be careful with generic pictures given to non-specialist doctors from FUE equipment companies.Also, national companies tend to show results from other doctors in the organization. Make sure the before/after pictures you’re shown are from the doctor you are considering.

  10. Does the doctor you’re considering have any medical infractions?
    Visit the Florida medical license board website and search to see if the doctor you’re considering has any medical violations or patient complaints.

If you are considering a hair transplant procedure for the first time, give us the opportunity to make it a smooth and successful experience for you. If you have already had a procedure and didn’t receive the results, attention or experience you were expecting…let us make things right for you!

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