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Patient Education Director – Jose Schmidt

Jose’s experience in the hair restoration industry has come full circle. Having inherited his hair loss from his father, Jose got tired of sitting around frustrated and instead took action and had his hair restored. This positive experience had such a huge impact on Jose that he decided to join the industry and help other patients suffering from hair loss as well. “I went through a great deal of frustration when I was losing my hair. I felt I had lost control of the way I wanted to look, which made me feel helpless. I was fortunate enough to find a great medical team to restore my hair and now I’ve dedicated myself to helping others overcome their hair loss challenges,” states Jose.

After representing two of the largest national hair restoration companies, Jose dedicated his experience in helping independent hair transplant doctors build their practices. After five years of learning the ins and outs of a hair transplant practice, Jose decided to move to southwest Florida. “I decided to move back to southwest Florida for two reason: it’s an excellent place to bring up a family and I knew it was a market that was in need of a hair transplant clinic specializing solely in hair restoration.


I did a great deal of research and realized that the only choices patients in the area had were to use a someone who was not a hair transplant specialist or travel far in order to find one. “By getting involved with Hair Transplants of Orlando, I am able to offer patients the “best of the best” in the hair transplant industry. With actual surgeons who have specialized in hair restoration for numerous years and have thousands of hair transplant surgeries under their belt, we’re able to assure our patients they will get the best results at an affordable investment in our Orlando hair clinic or our Fort Myers hair clinic.”

After 15 years in the industry as a patient and consultant, Jose represents an excellent source to count on when selecting the right hair transplant surgeon. “I’ve had the opportunity to learn from several doctors that I’ve represented, from their talents and shortcomings. When I meet with a potential patient, I focus on educating them instead of “selling” them. They already know they want their hair…so they don’t need to be “sold.” All they need is to be guided in the right direction in order to help them have a positive and successful outcome,” confirms Jose.

Jose recently had a “touch up” procedure from our Orlando Hair MD and recorded video throughout the day to show you what the procedure is like.
Click here to view the videos of the hair transplant procedure.

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