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Men’s Hair Loss

Approximately 50% of men suffer from some type of hair loss. Although there are several causes of hair loss,the most common cause is androgenetic alopecia which, in simple terms, means you inherited your hair loss from your father, uncle or even as far back as your great grandfather. During our consultation, we ask patients if anyone in their family suffers from hair loss and some of them swear they can’t think of anyone. However, with a little bit of family tree analysis, we often come up with the “bequeathing party.”

Androgenetic Hair Loss Process

As a fetus developing inside of our mothers, we develop physical characteristics that we inherit from our family members, including the hair loss gene called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Those follicles that are going to be affected later in life are designated right then and there. After we’re born, at a certain age, our testosterone starts converting into DHT, which then attacks those follicles that are predisposed.

Norwood Hair Loss Scale

During our consultations, we use the Norwood Scale in order to match the patient’s hair loss pattern with a level in the chart. We don’t just see how much hair the patient has lost, but also take into consideration how much future thinning is foreseen, since this is where the patient is headed if he does not take action against his/her hair loss.

At this point, our experienced surgeon will recommend a game plan for the patient, depending on their needs. If it’s someone just starting to thin and is not ready for hair transplantation, we offer several medical hair therapies that can help them improve. If they have already lost a good amount of hair and is a candidate for hair transplantation, then our doctor will recommend the number of grafts he feels will help the patient reach their goal. In addition, medical therapy, in most cases, will also be recommended in order to help the patient avoid future hair loss of the native hair in the area.

As you can see, in order to overcome hair loss and defy nature, patients must take part in a two-part game plan: hair transplantation (if they’re a candidate) and/or medical hair therapy. The first is to add new hair in the balding areas and the second is to hold onto as much native hair as possible. This is the “winning combination” against hair loss.

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