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Women’s Hair Loss – Advice from our Orlando Hair MD

Our Orlando Hair MD has treated hundreds of female patients suffering from women’s hair loss, and we understand that although male patients are affected by their hair loss, female patients suffer a great deal more. Because men’s hair loss is socially accepted, female patients tend to suffer a great deal more in silence because their hair loss is not looked upon as the same by society. Women who have thinning hair may be considered to be sick or suffering from some type of emotional disorder. However, this could not be further from the truth. Although most male hair loss patients lose their hair due to androgenetic alopecia (inherited from a family member), female patients can suffer from hair loss due to several different causes.

Women’s Hair Loss Causes

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: patient inherits hair loss gene from their mother, father or other family member.

  • Thyroid Condition: can cause thinning of hair from condition and/or medication used to treat this condition.

  • Low Iron Levels: anemia can cause hair to thin. While we treat the patient topically, it is very important patient also gets treated by family doctor who can prescribe iron supplements to increase iron levels.

  • Hormonal Imbalance: can also cause patient’s hair to thin. An irregular menstrual cycle can be a symptom of this condition. We can also help patients with this condition but they must also contact their medical doctor in order to receive help in balancing their hormones.

  • Strong Salon Chemicals: using very strong salon chemicals too often can also lead to damaged hair follicles. It is recommended to use softer solutions applied by a licensed salon professional or gentle products found over-the-counter (OTC).

  • Rapid Weight Loss: it’s nice to lose a few pounds, but if patients “starve” themselves in order to lose a good amount of pounds, they are not receiving essential vitamins, which can also have an adverse effect on their hair. It is important, while we help these patients, that they also eat a balanced diet while taking necessary supplements prescribed by their family physician.

  • Emotional Distress: suffering stress from difficult moments in our lives can also have an adverse effect on our hair. Consulting with a medical professional, in addition to exercise and taking part in relaxation/meditation methods, can help a patient relax and allow their bodies to return to normal. However, medical therapies can also assist in helping these patients get their hair back.

  • Medications: not reading side effects can cause a patient to be “in the dark” when it comes to thinning hair caused by medications takes for other health reasons. Examples include thyroid medications, oral contraceptives, Prozac, blood thinners, blood pressure medications and even street drugs, such as cocaine.

Women’s Hair Loss Patterns

Female patient with an array of hair loss patterns visit our office on a daily basis. From a patient who is slightly thinning to a patient that has been aggressively losing hair for a long period of time, each case is handled differently depending on what stage of the women’s hair loss process the patient is in. For example, a patient who is slightly thinning may not be a candidate for hair transplantation but, instead, may just need medical hair therapy to help them get back to their normal look, while a patient with aggressive women’s hair loss may qualify as a hair transplant patient in addition to medical therapy OR not be a candidate at all and may have to resolve to a hair system (wig) in order to solve their situation.

Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

During your Free consultation, our Orlando Hair MD will analyze your hair loss pattern and create a game plan to help you get your hair back. We focus on giving our patient accurate and scientifically proven information in order to teach them about their condition and empower them with the right solutions in order to overcome their challenge. Once we teach patients what’s involved in the hair restoration process, we immediately notice a change in their mental state. They go from being sad, confused and frustrated to hopeful and empowered. The answer is to search out the right specialist and through them, be in control of your situation instead of settling for hair loss.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer. We have found that the biggest hurdle a patient ever has to overcome in the hair restoration process is picking up the phone and calling to set up an appointment. Call Hair Transplants of Florida NOW and let us help you look great and feel great again! We have offices conveniently located in Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples and Weston.

If you have a question not covered above, please call us anytime at 239-277-9000 or send us an email at info@HairTransplantsofOrlando.com